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Linda July 1, 2010 5_Red_Stars
AMAZING RESULTS! I have been a patient of Dr. Schlifstein for several years due to numerous injuries, and have always relied on his expertise and resources in resolving my issues. When I met Rose, I knew that this is where I wanted to be for any and all cosmetic treatments. I am now a huge fan of the Botox, which has turned back the clock for me without looking as if I had any done. The Radiesse treatment that I received all but eliminated a deep crease I have had for the past 25 years and I no longer have an "angry look". The facials are the crowning touch, and Rose is a true expert in skin care. My skin is glowing and I seriously look much younger than my 49 years. I have recommended Fountain Medical to family and friends who all agree, that they will never go anywhere else. Love them!!!!
Millie June 22 2010 5_Red_Stars Actually Happy that I can look without frowning.. I went a really long time not feeling comfortable.. Until my consult with Fountian Medical. You hear horror stories about spa's and how they felt it was $$ thrown away.I'm happy with my treatments (laser hair removal) after four sessions I'm having a great and confident summer. Fountain Medical is a great team! Thanks Guys you helped add a Pep to my step!! Considering the Med Spa Package once i'm done with my treatments. My 30's are going to ROCK...
Rachel June 7, 2010 5_Red_Stars A place where everyone knows your name...... Small town hospitality in a big city! These two docs are so genuine and kind. They personally have helped our family so much and we are forever fans of Dr Todd and Dr Jeff:) Rose is a sweetheart and is always happy to offer her hand to make the fountain experience enjoyable!

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nycfitness1 Feb 7, 2011 5_Red_Stars

..This team is unsurpassed in every aspect. Caring, knowledgeable, helpful, and you can actually get an appointment with sound advice and care...

I have been in the fitness business for over 30 years, and have come across many injuries. Yolanda is the first P.T. who is a true HEALER. She uses manual manipulation as well as what ever your dr. recommends and all of a sudden, BAM! You feel so much better. Dr G. a God, Yolanda, a Godess.

Your pain & injuries can ease up. But only when you know where to get help. Good luck, stay positive & mobile. xo

bluckn Oct 1, 2010 5_Red_Stars You must go in and meet Rose the esthetician. You would never know that her lips had injectibles. In fact, I didn't know for months. Dr. Todd Schlifstein was the artist behind those lips, and I have booked my own appt. to look as fabulous as Rose. The two doctors are tasteful with their cosmetic procedures...I've noticed they believe less is more. Some other doctors are butchers and not artists... only an artist can properly use injectibles.
shelly J
June 10, 2010 5_Red_Stars

I love getting treatments from Fountain Med Spa, facials and radiesse are superb. With these treatments once or twice a month my face and skin are glowing, smooth and splender. No one ever believes Im close to 30.. Fountain Skin Care keeps you looking beautiful and young. I LOVE IT........

  • Pros: Great outcomes
  • Cons: None

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Jone Gagnon

Those facials are soooooo wonderful!Not only is it enjoyable but you have immediate results!Once you do the first bundle thene very 2 months you just maintain.Its no longer just for the" Halle Barry,Madona & the likes"! We deserve it just as much and at my friend wellness center you definitively can afford it.Try it and let me know how you like it. well Todd IS the BEST there is

Andrea Jacqueline T I agree. Todd and Fountain Medical Group are the best!

Dawn Marshall No one does it like you Todd! You & FMG are amazing!!

Steve Cohen The doctors at Fountain medical takes great care of their patients. I wouldnt go any place else.

Annmarie Considine Dr S and Dr. G you are two of the best!! but I think the two of you need a vaction!! Thank You for being the best New York City has to offer!!

Michael Saxe Dr Todd Schlifstein This is a very good Doctor with an excellent reputation. I would reccomend him to anyone/anytime....

Michael Saxe

Rita Merchant Thank you Fountain for helping me through a very rough patch in my life! Forever a fan! Dr. Todd you ROCK!

Andrea Jacqueline T

I am using SkinMedica Products, they are really amazing. I love them! you guys are the best!!!!!!