If you Injure Yourself: What Type of Doctor Should You Visit?

on Monday, 12 March 2012.

The Physicians at Fountain Medical Group specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of muscular, skeletal, and neurological problems and injuries with non-surgical methods. Any type of injury can be addressed by our staff.

Orthopedic Surgeons specialize in surgery and are not necessarily the first doctor you should see for an injury unless you know surgery is needed. A detailed history and physical examination, ultrasound and EMG's are done in our office to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. We have access to MRI and X-rays as needed, and help set up these tests for you. We are one of only a few places using the latest ultrasound, sound waves, to help diagnose certain problems, and when necessary to help with needle guidance for certain procedures. We treat patients with exercise, physical therapy, numerous types of injections, bracing, and medicines as appropriate. We perform trigger point injections, joint injections, visco-supplementation injections, PRP injections, BOTOX injections and many more. We have physical therapy in our facility, so that we can work together to help treat your problem, return to regular activities and prevent a recurrence. If you are in need of surgery, we can direct you to the top surgeons in that field. We can work with your surgeon to treat pain and rehabilitation immediately after surgery. We treat patients before, after, and those who don't need surgery.

Our Physicians can help direct our patients through a workup and treatment program whether surgery is needed or not. The Doctors at fountain Medical Group can help to decide what treatments are best for suited your unique diagnosis.

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