3 Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know

on Wednesday, 09 March 2011.

Beauty Tips Everyone Should know

1. Never Underestimate the Power of Moisturizer

Whether your skin is dry, normal, or even oily, if you can only afford one skin care product, experts say, your dollars will be well spent on a good moisturizer.

When your skin is dry every wrinkle is accentuated, making you look older.

If you're in your 20s or 30s, doctors say, moisturizers will give you some of the protection you need to keep skin from prematurely aging.

If skin is normal to dry, look for moisturizers containing alpha hydroxy acids. They can help skin produce more moisture on its own.

If your skin is dry, use a moisturizer with vesicular emulsion.

This technology uses microscopic spheres that are alternating layers of moisture and water that slowly release throughout the day, so you get continuing get moisturized throughout the day.

If skin is oily, look for a light, gentle moisturizer.

Oil is NOT moisture, and even if you have excess oil you still need moisture.

2. Best Anti Aging Defense-Sunscrenn

The sun impacts collagen production in the skin, and without collagen, skin won't naturally maintain that plump, moist, youthful, wrinkle-free look. Get enough sun exposure and skin will wrinkle long before its time.

Without the protection of sunscreen, just a few minutes of daily sun exposure over the years can cause noticeable changes in how skin looks and feels.

Not only will you see more wrinkles and fine lines, but also more freckles, age spots, and spider veins. Skin itself can look rough and leathery.

Recommend choosing a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Because sun breaks down its effectiveness over time, if you're going to be in direct sunlight for an extended period, reapply every hour or two.

3. Choose your Soap Wisely and use it

Use the gentlest cleanser you can find - and use it sparingly

Wash your face too often - more than twice a day - and you can damage the natural lipid barrier, the protective mantle of lubrication that keeps skin looking and feeling healthy. Wash your face no more than twice a day with a gentle cleanser.  Let the soap stay on your face for about 30 seconds to work and then wash off.


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