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"Intergrating Medical Spa Treatments Into A Wellness Center"

Dr. Todd Schlifstein recently provided and interview to

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Roger Clemens:

Dr. Todd Schlifstein, Sports Medicine Expert from NYU Medical Center, is extensively quoted in this article.

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NYU Medical Center: Press Release:

Dr. Todd Schlifstein, Sports Medicine Expert from NYU Medical Center,  discusses the role of anabolic steroids in the Benoit tragedy.

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UFC goes to Albany to Meet with Legislators:

Dr. Todd Schlifstein went as a Sports Medicine Expert to discuss the Safety of Mixed Martial Arts. Went with Dana White, President of the UFC, and  Lorenzo Frattitas, CEO of the UFC

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Renzo Gracie, Dr. Todd Schlifstein, UFC Lightweight World Champion Frankie Edgar at the Capital in New York.

Sports Illustrated:

Supplements labels can be very misleading and can also make outrageous claims. Dr. Todd Schlifstein reviews some products on the shelves as he walks thr GNC with Sports Illustrated.

View Story:What's on the shelves at GNC? - David Epstein -


Fact or fiction.  Sports medicine expert Dr. Todd Schlifstein discusses some of the most common myths about fitness.

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Today's Diet Nutrition:

Dr. Todd Schlifstein reviews was of recovering from a fitness injury quickly and safely.

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TV Video C-Span:

At the 2008 United States Congressional Hearings in Washington D.C.,  Dr. Schlifstein was invited to discuss the risks and benefits of HGH use.

View Story:Health Effects of Human Growth Hormones 204026-1 : C-SPAN Video Library, Created by Cable. Offered a


New study shows no  improvement in athletic performance with Human Growth Hormone. Congressional Medical expert, Dr. Todd Schlifstein discusses the impact of this study.

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United States Congressional Hearings in 2005

Testimony about the Use of Anabolic Steroids in Sports. Dr. Todd Schlifstein was invited as a medical expert to speak about the risks and benefits of steroid use.

USA Today

True cost of performance-enhancing drugs won't be known for years,

By NANCY ARMOUR, AP Sports Columnist,

Interview with Dr Todd Schlifstein about what we know about potential long term side effects.




New York Daily News

To raise revenue, pull no punches: Bring Mixed Martial Arts to New York

BY Dr. Todd Schlifstein

Editorial about why New York State should legalize Mixed mArtial Arts in New York. IT is legal in 44 states already in the United States.

Patient’s Choice Award Winner 2008, 2009, 2010

Dr. Todd Schlifstein receives award as voted by patients. Out of 720,000 US Doctors, less than 3% receive 3% receive this honor. Doctors less than


Wellness Workdays

Dr. Todd Schlifstein appointed to Medical Advisory Board of Wellness Workdays. This company works with numerous companies to teach, implement, and set up wellness programs at numerous companies in the United States in order to reduce health care costs, improve health, and make better workers.

Dr. Todd Schlifstein Continues to be Featured as a Medical Expert on Numerous Top Media Outlets

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